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Hardy's Cottage Garden Plants
PRICE incl. p&p Lathyrus odoratus 'Matucana' ‘Sweet Pea’ (5 Pkts of Seed) Height: 130cm A popular traditional Sweet Pea with pretty dark blue/purple bi-colour flowers, which are heavily scented. Early flowering. Pick the blooms regularly to ensure continuous flowering. Hardy annual. 5 x Packets of Seed - Average content per packet: 28 seeds SOWING: When: Indoors -        January - March or September - October Outdoors -     April - May  Where: Indoors -        In pots Outdoors -     Where they are to flower Cerinthe Major 'Purpurascens' Height: 65-75cm Exotic looking foliage plant for borders or patio. Cerinthe has fleshy, silvery-green leaves topped with deep blue bracts and purple bell shaped flowers, which are bee and butterfly attractants. Drought tolerant, enjoys sun or semi-shade. Can be used as a cut flower.  Average content per packet: 40 seeds SOWING: When: February - April or September  Where: Indoors in seed trays or pots Lavatera Beauty Mix Height x Spread: 60cm x 80cm  A great border filler, quick growing with sturdy, bush-like plants and dazzling flowers in shades of pink, rose, salmon and white.  Average content per packet: 40 seeds SOWING: When: February - May Where: Indoors -     In seed trays or pots Outdoors - Where the flowers are to bloom  Cleome Colour Fountains Height: 90-100cm Cleome spinosa. Spider plant. Large scented flower heads in shades of pink, rose, lilac, purple and white held over spiky stems. Fast growing, makes a great impact plant for borders or screening. Half hardy annual. Average content per packet: 300 seeds SOWING: When:  January - March  Where: Indoors - in seed trays or pots Calendula ‘Indian Prince’ Height: 30cm Traditional cottage garden annual, easy to grow and ideal for cutflower. Indian Prince has lovely deep orange blooms with crimson petal backs and rich purple buds. Average contents per packet: 80 seeds SOWING: When: March to May Where: Ideal for direct sowing in beds