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Coffee Plant - Easy Care Indoor Houseplant - Free delivery across the UK

Folkestone, GB
This plant comes the subtropical areas of Ethiopia, where it grows at a high altitude in quite cool temperatures. It has dark green oval-shaped pointed leaves. Perfect gift idea for houseplant lovers and coffee lovers ! POT DIAMETER: 12 CM Plant Height from the bottom of the pot: 30 cm ORIGIN: Ethiopia LIGHT: Bright indirect light. Keep away from direct sunlight or it will burn the leaves. HUMIDITY: High TEMPERATURE: 13°C – 22°C. WATERING: Keep the soil of this plant moist at all times during spring and summer. Make sure it doesn’t get waterlogged. Water less in the winter. You can increase humidity by standing the plant on damp pebbles. The plant also benefits from regular misting. Feel free to contact us if you have any more questions, we'll be happy to help you and give you the advice for your plants to thrive. The plant will be delivered in a nursery pot. We protect the plant thoroughly in the box. Please be careful when unwinding them on arrival.


Coffea arabica


Arabian Coffee, Coffee Tree, Mountain Coffee, Coffee arabica

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