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Christmas Gift Boxed Coffee plant 🎄🎁 Ready now for posting 📦

Plant 30cm tall in 10cm pot Height: Up to 6 ft (1.8 m) indoors, confined to a pot. You can prune your plant back harshly in spring to keep it at the desired size. Light: Keep in bright light, shaded from direct sun. Water: Keep soil thoroughly moist in spring and summer, barely moist in fall and winter. Always use tepid water for watering your houseplants. Humidity: Requires moist air (around 50% relative humidity or higher). Use a cool-mist room humidifier for best results. Temperature: Average room (65-75°F/18-24°C). Coffea arabica can withstand cooler temperatures in fall and winter, when growth slows down, but it's not tolerant of freezing temperatures. Soil: Peat moss based potting mix with horticultural sand added to provide good drainage. Fertilizer: Feed every 2 weeks spring and summer with a balanced water-soluble fertilizer diluted by half. Propagation: Sow fresh seeds in spring. Cuttings are difficult to propagate, but you'll have the best chance at success by taking young stems before they have hardened.


Coffea arabica


Arabian Coffee, Coffee Tree, Mountain Coffee, Coffee arabica

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