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Grow Your Own Edible Flowers - Pretty Little Things - Free Postage

Bristol, GB
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Pretty little things bursting with colour and herbal tea taste. Calendula is the extrovert - bustling up a bright orange ball of bloom; Chamomile the pretty mainstay of a relaxing herbal blend. What’s included? Calendula: Calendula’s radiant orange petals will add a blast of hot sunshine to your garden. Plus you can add the pretty little things to a salad, make a soothing salve or knock up a wonderfully antioxidant packed tea! Organic Chamomile: Chamomile may look like your average garden daisy but this little flower has long since been renowned for its calming properties. Caffeine free and loaded with antioxidants, a super night time sup that guarantees a good nights sleep. Your Grow Your Own Edible Flowers - Pretty Little Things Kit contains everything you’ll need to start growing your own pretty little edible flowers: 2 x Coir Pellets 2 x Hand Stamped Wooden Plant Labels 1 x Wooden Pencil 1 x Pack of Organic Chamomile Seeds 1 x Pack of Calendula Seeds 1 x Handy Instructions All of our seed packs and gifts are made to order and are all lovingly and beautifully hand stamped.