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Suttons Calendula Seeds Porcupine Yellow

Suttons Seeds approved retailer Average seed content 75 Award-winning Produces more flowers than its orange coloured relatives Slightly taller 60cm variety A brand new, award-winning, yellow calendula! Add bursts of delicious, yellow coloured 'porcupine' style blooms to your beds and pots from May to September! This exciting new variety produces more flowers than its orange coloured relatives and is slightly taller (60cm) than 'Orange Porcupine'. Its petals can be used as 'poor man's' saffron to colour rice. Growing Information Sow the seed thinly direct into finely raked, moist, warm, weed-free soil where the plants are to flower 1.3cm (½") deep. Germination normally takes 10-15 days. As the seedlings develop, thin them out in stages to achieve a final spacing of 23-30cm (9-12"). For early flowering, the following year sow direct August/September where the plants are to flower.
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Calendula spp.


Scotch marigold, English marigold, Pot marigold

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