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Silver Birch tree (Betula pendula) 60-90cm tall pot grown by Cotswold Trees

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Silver Birch tree in a pot (Betula pendula) 60-90cm tall The Sliver Birch is one of our favourite garden trees, instantly recognisable with it's silvery bark and tall slender form. We love the dappled shade that you get from a silver birch tree once it begins to mature. Silver birch trees are fast growing and will establish well in any soil in a sunny or partially shaded location. Smaller trees can grow by 1m in height per year, if planted in line with the supplied instructions. Can reach 18-25m tall at maturity Features • Pot Grown • 60-90cm tall tree in a 2 litre pot and supplied with cane • Package includes planting instructions • Free courier delivery Why buy a potted trees vs a bareroot? We only sell potted trees as we have found these have the best chance of survival and do allow you to plant trees throughout the year. The cooler, wetter months are always the best time to plant a tree and allow it to establish a new root system whilst it remains fairly dormant. Despite this, potted trees can be planted successfully throughout the spring and summer if they are well looked after. We recommend mulching and regular watering during the drier periods in the first year or so of growth. You may find other suppliers offer bareroot and plug plants which are often cheaper options, especially when buying trees in bulk, but these tend to take a little longer to establish. About us Cotswold Trees are a specialist tree supplier, nurturing thousands of young trees in our Oxfordshire woodland nursery. We offer affordable, sustainably grown trees that can make a lasting improvement to any garden or outdoor space. We offer our customers a range of garden trees you might commonly find throughout the UK all of which are fantastic for native wildlife, but also fit in well in the British landscape. We specialise in a small variety of British broadleaved deciduous trees to ensure we can reliably stock each tree in a range of sizes to suit the instant gardener or one who can wait a few years for a tree to grow into it's new home. Shipping Orders of small trees are packaged carefully and delivered reliably and safely via the UK courier network. For these orders we can usually deliver your new trees within 5 working days and often much sooner. We supply tracking details for all courier deliveries.
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Common Silver Birch

Betula pendula


Warty Birch, East Asian White Birch, Bed Wen, Birk Tree

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