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Approved Suttons Seeds Retailer. Average Packet Content 30 seeds Developed by James Wong - Treat it mean to keep it keen, the Goji berry needs no attention, pruning, feeding or care and in fact is at its most productive when under stress. We’ve selected this variety, specifically bred for its larger fruit yields in the UK. Highly productive. Delicious & foolproof to grow. Sky high in antioxidants. The eastern 'superfood' that’s easier to grow than a stinging nettle. Tastes like: Malt, tomato, cranberry. Origin: China. Latin name: Lycium barbarum. The goji berry bush is a perennial plant and as such will continue to produce fruits each year. You might be surprised to learn that the exotic Himalayan Goji Berry lives a secret double life as a common, and quite often very invasive, weed throughout much of the UK. Highly productive, delicious and foolproof to grow, before planting one of these it is actually even worth double checking that it hasn’t already planted itself in that neglected corner completely unbeknownst to you. Free from the risk of pests or disease, keep on top of watering and the Goji Berry is happy to get on with the job - producing berries by the punnet load year-after-year. Shelter your plant from the worst of the winter in its first year either by bringing pots into a greenhouse or by covering with fleece outdoors. Sow: January-March. Harvest: July-October (year 2). Growing Information: Full growing instructions given on packet. Sow your seeds 13mm (½") deep in a shallow tray of compost and leave on a sunny windowsill at 15-18°C (60-65°F) to germinate. Transplant seedlings into individual 7.5cm (3") pots and keep in a sunny warm spot indoors. Plant outdoors the following year 1m (40") apart, late May/June after risk of frost has passed. The Goji Berry will thrive outdoors and there is absolutely no need to prune or train. Watering and feeding now and again is all that is needed.
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Lycium barbarum


Goji Berry, Duke Of Argyll's Teaplant, Wolf Berry, Matrimony Vine

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