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Medium Pond Plant Pack

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A perfect collection of pond plants for a medium-sized pond offering interest throughout the season. A mixture of marginal and floating plants. The pond pack includes 1x Menyanthes trifoliata (Bog bean), 1x Glyceria maxima Variegata (Variegated sweetgrass), 2x Pontederia lanceolata (Pickerel weed), 2x Iris laevigata (Japanese water iris), 2x Iris versicolor (water iris), 1 x small waterlily 3 x 3.8-litre and 6x 2-litre root nurse pots. Plants are supplied bare-root; all you need is aquatic compost or a low nutrient/stoney garden topsoil to pot them up. Root Nurse pots provided are biodegradable and made from recycled plastic bottles but last up to 5 years in your pond, by which time you will need to divide and repot your plants and no plastic to landfill. Comes with an instruction sheet—completely plastic-free plants and mail order packaging. Watch our you tube video of how to pot up your bare root pond plants.
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