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Echeveria Subcorymbosa small succulent cutting/leaves for propagation

Echeveria subcorymbosa 1x tiny plant and leaves for propagation for sale. Tiny rosette of echeveria subcorymbosa: Approximately 2cm in diameter, fully rooted live plant, simply put it in a pot of good draining soil and it will grow nicely. It will need watering when the soil is completely dry. It could take more than a year to become a moderately sized grown plant as pictured. ** Pictures show full grown plant which is not included in the purchase, only for illustration purposes. ********************************************************************************************************* Would you like to get your hands on propagating succulent leaves instead? It would be so satisfying to watch a plant grow from just a leaf. Leaves for propagation of echeveria subcorymbosa: 2x unrooted leaves in a pack. Leaves are removed 1-2 days after watering to ensure they are plump and healthy so would have the most chance to propagate successfully. Allow the leaves to callous for a 4-5 days then put it on some soil and mist every few days when roots start to form. Please visit our Instagram @plantsbeau, follow us and message us for tips and guides on succulent care. Postage will be via Royal Mail 2nd class delivery. No return accepted and any exceptions only by the discretion of our shop.

Echeveria subcorymbosa

Echeveria subcorymbosa

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