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Echeveria Elegans Grey Red Desert Rose Leaf

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POSTAGE INCLUDED FOR EACH ITEM - Please contact us for a discount if you wish to buy more than one item from the Marketplace. YOUR ORDER You will receive a sprouted leaf with pup. WHEN YOUR ORDER ARRIVES As soon as you receive your package, please remove from packaging as soon as possible! Your little babies have been in dark, dry conditions. Please your leaves on top of cactus soil, with the dry, calloused part closest to the soil. For rooted leaves, you can put these in to the soil, but I usually wait until the roots are a few centimetres long before covering the roots. Sometimes baby succulents will sprout before roots, and vice versa. The key is patience! Unrooted leaves/cuttings can take 2 weeks before roots start to show. WATERING & LIGHT Only water when the soil is dry. These plants usually live in the desert, and if their roots stay in damp conditions, they are prone to rot. Succulents love sunlight, so make sure they get a lot of indirect light or direct sunlight. Far away from the window, they will get long and leggy! PACKAGING & POSTAGE All packing is recyclable & eco friendly. Where needed, biodegradable bags are used instead of plastic. We post Royal Mail First Class as per Royal Mail Guidelines for perishable goods. We deliver to UK Only. CONTACT US If you have any further questions about the care of your plants, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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Rock Rose

Echeveria elegans


Mexican Snowball, Mexican-Gem, Pearl Echeveria, White Mexican-Rose

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