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Alocasia Sarawakensis ‘Yucatan Princess’ - FREE POSTAGE

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Potsize (diameter): 14 cm, Approx Height: 45 cm. A recent and desirable addition to the Alocasia family. The stand out features of a 'Yucatan Princess' are the glossy, leathery looking leaves with deep chocolate/burgundy stems. Add a touch of tropical to your home with this stunning-large leaved plant. Although these Alocasia are currently 45cm tall, in their ideal conditions they can grow to over 2 metres tall! If you are looking to start a jungle in your living room and thinking of branching out to larger, statement piece plants - then this is the guy for you. Its large leaves have an impressive impact on any space and as long as it has some indirect light and humidity then the 'Yucatan Princess' will be happy wherever you choose to display it. Also referred to as an 'Upright Elephant Ear'. Care: Light: Bright, indirect light will produce the best size and colouration on the leaves,, however direct light will burn the leaves and cause brown, crispy tips. Does not mind partial shade, but ensure the plant gets some light. Water: Keep the plant moist but not soaking, for best results a small amount of water often. During winter reduce watering considerably. For best results water from underneath with the use of a saucer to reduce the chance of root rot. Reduce watering during winter months. When you give an Alocasia too much water it will perspire the water from the tips of the leaves, you should follow this as a sign to water less. Food: Feed once a month during growing season, if available a slow release food works best to not over power the soil. Humidity: A high humidity is essential in maintaining this plant’s dramatic appearance. A decreased humidity will produce brown, crispy leaves and reduced growth. The Alocasia will appreciate a regular.
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Elephant Ear 'Yucatan Princess'

Alocasia sarawakensis 'Yucatan Princess'

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