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Suttons Luffa Seeds - Sustainable Luffa Sponge

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Approved Suttons seeds retailer. Packet Content 15 seeds Become more eco-friendly and sustainable by growing the household staple luffa sponge! This plant will give you the best of both worlds, as luffas can also be cooked and eaten like courgettes. The ideal addition to any greenhouse on the allotment or in the garden. Luffa Seeds Grow your own sustainable luffa sponge! You’ve probably heard of or used a luffa sponge in your time but, did you know it was actually made from a vegetable Luffas come from plants similar to a climbing courgette and not from the sea! Why just grow veg when you can grow other household staples too? The Luffa is the perfect eco- friendly and sustainable home-grown pan scourer or bath sponge. The Luffa is a genus of subtropical and tropical vines in the cucumber family and it can also be cooked and eaten like courgettes! Eat them when they are young and tender (up to 15cm). Luffa plants grow like cucumbers and need a greenhouse, thriving in full sun and well drained but moist soil. Reaching heights of 201-250cm (79-98") and spread 41-50cm (16-20"). Harvest late August-October. Ready to take on the Luffa challenge? To grow a luffa sponge, firstly, allow the first fruit that appears on the vine to mature (leave for as long as possible) until the skin has turned dark yellow or brown. This will give the sponge that extra boost of fibre! Once the skin begins to brown, cut the luffa from the vine and submerge in a trough/bucket of water until the skin can be easily peeled away from the sponge-like inside. Wash several times to remove any flesh and allow to dry, shaking to remove seeds. If you want a white luffa, soak it in a weak bleach solution for a few minutes before rinsing and drying. Growing Information: Seeds should be started off 2 seeds per 9cm pot early in the year in a good quality seed compost 2cm (1") deep in a heated propagator 25-28°C and kept moist, not wet. Germination up to 21 days. As plants grow they need to be potted on into larger containers and kept inside or in a heated greenhouse (small canes will be needed as they begin to climb) until late May when they can be planted into a cold or heated greenhouse 50cm apart. Plants will need netting/canes or wires to grow up and should be given plenty of space. Limit each plant to 5-6 fruit to encourage larger luffa to form. Harvest August - October.
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Luffa spp.


Gourd, Dishcloth gourd, Strainer vine, Rag gourd

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