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Real Edible Pineapple Plant with Medium Size Fruit Here's a real novelty indoor and outdoor plant

Bristol, GB
Real Edible Pineapple Plant with Medium Size Fruit Here's a real novelty indoor and outdoor plant that will provide interest every day as you see your own deliciously sweet pineapple. A member of the Bromeliad family, it's the perfect indoor plant for a sunny kitchen or conservatory windowsill, needing little care and attention save a little water and the occasional feed. The plants are exactly the same as those used in commercial pineapple plantations across the world, so you can be assured of the best tasting fruit - right here in the UK on your windowsill. For best results water the compost keeping it moist and also keep a little water in the cups of the leaf rosette. When the pineapple is plump and ripe (about the size of an orange) remove and enjoy! Once the fruit is removed, an offset will appear which may fruit in following years and an entirely new plant can even be raised by cutting off the leaf crown and planting in compost. Mauritius Pineapple is widely grown in Asia (Thailand,Philippines,Malaysia,China, and India), South Central America (Brazil,Costa Rica). Brazilis the world’s largest producer of pineapple, followed by Thailand, Phillipines, and Costa Rica. Although some claim that pineapples were brought to South Africa by Jan van Riebeeck in 1665, it is more widely accepted that they were introduced to Natal from Ceylon- present day Sri Lanka- in the early 19th century. A native to the tropics, the crop requires areas where the climate is warm, humid and free from extreme temperatures (25 °C being the optimal temperature). The fruit is grown all year round, although the sweetness of the fruit varies depending on various conditions. InSouth Africa, pineapples are grown mainly in the Eastern Cape and northern KwaZulu-Nataland, to a lesser extent, Limpopo. Mauritius’ (also known as ‘European Pine’, ‘Malacca Queen’, ‘Red Ceylon’ and ‘Red Malacca’) is one of the 2 leading pineapple cultivars in Malaya; also important in India and Ceylon. The leaves are dark green with broad red central stripe and red spines on the margins. The fruit is small, 1.36-2.25 kg, yellow externally; has a thin core and very sweet flesh. It is sold fresh and utilized for
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Pineapple Plant

Ananas comosus


Pina, Pinapple, Ananas

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