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Aloe Vera Plant 35-40cm

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Air purifying Aloe Vera plant is probably one of the best-known houseplants. The gel inside its is famously used for soothing burns, but it’s more than just a green first aid kit. A wild aloe vera could grow as big as a meter across. If you think that’s impressive, its flower spike can reach 90cm. UK growers will probably never see an aloe vera flower, but they’re beautiful. They look a bit like the flower known as red hot poker. Care Tips: Water: Light watering leaves hold a lot of water, so it doesn’t need frequent watering. Water only when the soil is dry. Lighting: Loves Bright light and it'll enjoy a spot with lots of bright light, though not too much direct sun. Size : Pot 12cm Please Note: When purchasing plants please consider that each live item is unique and may therefore differ slightly from the images shown. Plant supplied in a grower's pot, decorative pots are not included. Delivery Note: We take pride in packaging for the safest transit. All plants will be securely positioned sand carefully wrapped by size. They will all be boxed with a handle and enough ventilation for their journey. Postage included in the price
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Aloe Vera

Aloe vera


Barbados Aloe, True Aloe, Star Cactus, Common Aloe

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