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Grow Your Own Herbal Tea Kit (Free Parcel Postage)

Bristol, GB
Grow Your Own Herbal Tea Starter Kit Our super little kits have been designed to ensure you’ll have everything you need to start growing delicious and nutritious herbs in big gardens, small gardens or on a sunny windowsill. Each of our grow your own kits are made to order with our lovingly crafted hand stamped seed packets. Our little kits make wonderfully thoughtful gifts for garden lovers or home grown newbies. Purple Bloom’s herbal tea kit contains four of the very best and nutritious herbs for your herbal tea adventure. A sunny windowsill is all you’ll need to start growing these amazing herbs. You’ll soon be enjoying a soothing and healthy homegrown brew. What’s included? Mint: What herb garden or kitchen cupboard hasn’t got some mint tucked away? Great for digestion and easing headaches, an easy way to liven up new potatoes and the key ingredient for a summer mojito as the BBQ sizzles! Fennel: Not only can fennel make a salad sing, it can also make a lovely cup of nutritious tea. Used for centuries as a medicinal plant with its mild, liquorice like flavour fennel tea aids digestion after a hearty meal. Chamomile: This dainty herb may look like your average garden daisy but this little flower has long since been renowned for its calming properties. Caffeine free and loaded with antioxidants, a super night time sup that guarantees a good nights sleep. Lemon Balm: A herb in the mint family, it has long been hailed as an excellent way of easing stress, anxiety and improving sleep quality. This wonderful herb is also thought to have potent antioxidant and antimicrobial properties! Your herbal tea kit contains everything you’ll need to start growing your own herbal tea collection: 4 x Unbleached Self Fill Teabags 4 x Coir Pots 2 x Coir Discs (enough for 4 pots) 4 x Hand stamped wooden Plant Labels 1 x Wooden Pencils 1 x Pack of Fennel Seeds 1 x Pack of Chamomile Seeds 1 x Pack of Mint Seeds 1 x Pack of Lemon Balm Seeds 1 x Handy Instructions and our favourite herbal tea recipes All of our seeds and gifts are made to order and all are lovingly and beautifully hand stamped.