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Mini String of Pearls Kokodama Hanging Planter - plant + kokodama pot 12 cm diameter+ hanging plante

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Hanging or standing Kokodama Senecio Rowleyanus - String of Pearls. Get the full package, Hanging Kokodama + Plant. ♥ THE PLANT Senecio rowleyanus is a flowering succulent in the daisy family Asteraceae. The Senecio rowleyanus is commonly called ‘String of pearls’, because of the beautiful pearl-shaped hanging leaves. Although it's grown more for its beautiful foliage, Senecio does bloom little daisy-like flowers. LIGHT - Bright, indirect light. Some morning or late afternoon sun would be a bonus. WATER - Being a succulent, Senecio are very drought tolerant, storing water in their leaves. Allow the soil to start to dry out between watering. Do not over-water or allow the plants to sit in water. TEMP - Warm room temperatures of 21-24°C are perfect in summer. Cooler winter temperatures around 13-16°C will help to maintain good plant health and encourage blooming. The String of pearls can be easily pruned; the cut-off parts can grow new roots in water or soil. ♥ THE KOKODAMA The Kokodama pot is a handmade sphere made from natural coconut fibers which make it very light, and perfect to be used for hanging garden arrangements. You could even hang it on adhesive hooks without making any holes in the wall or ceiling. One Kokodama gives a lovely natural touch to any interior, and several bunched together can create amazing jungle effects. Size: Coco fiber pot: approx 12 cm diameter Plant & String length: 50 cm (just let me know if you'd like it longer) ♥ Extra Info All our items are in stock or are easily crafted to be shipped in 1 working day after payment. Please be aware that your plant may vary from the picture as this is a living item. Variations of shape and colour are perfectly natural and to be expected. We will send you a plant as close to the picture and description as possible. The picture shown is an example of what's in stock. We do customised packaging for each plant to make sure it arrives in a perfect condition. We advise you to unpack your plants with care to avoid damaging the leaves. We currently have +98% satisfaction regarding plants delivery and packaging, just look at our reviews. We deliver all our products to you by postal or courier service. We dispatch our plants on Monday to Thursday by 12 pm of each week to make sure that they don’t spend longer than is absolutely necessary in transit. If you make any other order during a Thursday evening, Friday or Saturday there is a chance we can still ship quickly but most likely we will do so on the next Monday morning. Expected delivery times: UK - Royal Mail 1st Class Delivery - next working day. Courier - next working day. If you require any further information, feel free to contact me. Thank you for visiting!
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