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Tarragon (Russian) (Artemisia dracunculoides Pursch) The perfect accompaniment to any chicken dish and the main flavouring of a decent bearnaise sauce, Tarragon is a perennial herb that is hardy and very easy to grow. Germination time is 10-14 days...about the quickest of any herb! Sow: April to late May Harvest: Year all round Height: up to 85cm Sowing instructions: Sow 5 or so seeds in good compost from April through to early June indoors, use a propagator to keep the temperature up and try to keep in dim light. Seeds should germinate in 10-14 days. Once seedlings are 3-5 cm tall, transplant into their final pot and harden off; or keep them on a sunny windowsill for all year round harvesting. (approx. 200 seeds)
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