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Nemesia - 50 seeds - perennial mixed, poetry, karoo, wisley vanilla and others

SW1V, London, GB
Nemesias are one of my passions, and I currently grow over 60 different varieties. All seeds you will receive come straight from my garden. At the moment only mixed options are available,  therefore specific colours and species cannot be guaranteed. Bees love nemesias, therefore due to pollination, sometimes colours will end up mixing. If you need any advice on how to grow and care for the nemesias feel free to contact me. Where to Sow: Sow the seeds in a good compost under glass at 15-18 °C in trays or pots, cover lightly with sifted compost. Or sow outdoors from May. Flowers: June to September, you can extend flowering time deadheading spent flowers. I have nemesias flowering in my garden the whole year around.