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Large Kalanchoe Thysiflora (Flapjack, Paddle Plant) - FREE DELIVERY

N19, London, GB
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This is Kalanchoe Thyrsiflora, a rosette style succulent also known as a Flapjack Plant from its wide variegated paddle like leaves. This one is a sun lover, in fact the more sun it gets the redder the leaves will become - just be sure to acclimatise the plant to any intense sunshine. Like other succulents, only water Flapjack when the soil is 100% dry. This plant is quite toxic and should be kept out of reach of children or pets. Our Flapjack comes in a 11cm nursery pot and a little care guide card, feel free to email if there are any issues! We currently have 8 available, each picture is each individual plant. Feel free to ask us for more pictures! *Please note the pot in the picture is not included in the purchase. *Postage is included in the price and will be made via Royal Mail 1st Class or courier depending on location. We're only able to ship within the UK. *We pack our plants very carefully but these products are fragile and slight damage can occur due to transit, please contact us with pictures so we can help solve any issues. Our postage packaging is fully recyclable. *You can follow us on insta @thearchwayplanter for more plant inspo.

Flapjack Plant

Kalanchoe thyrsiflora


Paddle Plant, Pancake Plant, Desert Cabbage, White Lady

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