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Beaucarnea Recurvata 'Ponytail Palm' - FREE DELIVERY

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Royal Mail 1st Class postage included - this is a flat rate for any order, multiple postage payments will be refunded. Pot size (diameter): 12 cm, Approx Height: 30 cm. One of our pet friendly options for those of you with furry friends who like to nibble on your plants! If you are prone to plant neglect then this is the solution for you, the Ponytail Palm would actually prefer if you completely forgot about it and only remembered to water it a few times a month when it’s soil is completely dry. The thick trunk already has water stored in case of drought so overwatering could cause the roots to rot. An easy-care, low maintenance houseplant which is perfect for beginners. Pop on a shelf and forget about it! Care: Light: The Pony Tail palm likes bright indirect sunlight. Water: Water rarely, wait until the soil has completely dried out before watering. Feed: Feed light once a month during growing season, this plant is prone to getting brown tips from over feeding. Humidity: Thrives in a normal home humidity. QUICK TIP: This plant likes to be in a relatively small pot to help prevent over watering.
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Ponytail Palm

Beaucarnea recurvata


Elephant's Foot, Pony Tail, Bottle-Palm, Elephant-Foot-Tree

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