Pegylis sommeri

Pegylis sommeri

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Pegylis sommeri or Large Wattle Chafer is a medium-sized light brown beetle. Adult beetles are most active at night and are readily attracted to ornamental garden plants, particularly roses. They can be an important agricultural pest in some cases. They enjoy the fruits and flowers of wattle, potato and sugar cane. They are sometimes attracted by lights, hiding beneath leaf litter and the topsoil in the daytime.
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These beetles can damage plants from their feeding.
Larvae help break down and recycling soil nutrients.


Adults: These chafers range from 1.5-2cm. They are an iridescent pale-brown colour, with numerous tiny indented pores on the elytra. Additionally, the margins of the wing cases are darker brown. The pronotum (segment before elytra) is a slightly darker, reddish-brown. Larvae: Large, white, 'C' shaped grubs that can be found in the soil throughout winter. The larvae pupate during spring, forming a protective casing that shields them during development to their next life stage.


May nibble at fruits and flowers.











East coast of South Africa

Biological treatment

Physically remove adults with fingers. Grubs can be removed from the soil if spotted. Regularly removing fallen leaves in autumn can help reveal any beetles that are hiding. It will make the area less attractive to them too.


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