Wild Potato Fruit Chafer

Tephraea dichroa

Wild Potato Fruit Chafer

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A Wild Potato Fruit Chafer is a small beetle belonging to the flower chafer subfamily (Cetoniinae); native to Southern Africa. They display variable patterning but generally are brownish-yellow, with black markings on the pronotum, white on the wingcases. They feed primarily on nightshades (Solanaceae), hence their common names. Find these beetles near or in savannah and bush-veld habitats.
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These beetles comprise some subspecies that look incredibly alike. They grow between 1-1.3cm, colouration and patterning can vary between individuals. Some are more brownish-green and others brownish-yellow. There are four black dots (sometimes 2) on the pronotum. The elytra (wingcases) are dark-brown comprise rows of indented dots and 4 white-yellow dots that cross both wings.


These beetles may feed on the fruits and flowers of nightshade plants (Solanaceae).












Biological treatment

These beetles aren't generally found in gardens, they tend to be restricted to the veld-type habitats. Nonetheless, you might be lucky enough to have one pass through. We don't suggest removing or killing these beetles because they don't feed as aggressively as pests like whitefly and aphids. Damage is usually aesthetic. Feel free to move these critters on if they're unwelcome.


Attracted to plants within the nightshade family.
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