Emerald Fruit Chafer

Rhabdotis aulica

Emerald Fruit Chafer

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A close up photograph of a emerald fruit chafer (Rhabdotis aulica) on the ground
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Rhabdotis aulica, or an Emerald Fruit Chafer, is a species of Scarab beetle (Scarabaeidae). They're excellent pollinators with thick tufts of hair that cover their stomachs and legs! The larvae develop in dung, feeding on organic matter. The pupae develop in clay shells in the soil. As adults, they might munch leaves and petals, but in doing so they'll pollinate plants. It's advised to tolerate them wherever possible, due to the benefits they provide the environment. You can attract them by planting a diverse range of native vegetation in your garden!
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Brilliant pollinators and help dung decomposition.
May munch plant foliage.


Adults: These beetles are medium-sized (2.5cm), and a brightly coloured metallic green/blue. The pronotum has a thin white border that runs half-way down the wings. The rest of the wing border comprises white dots (3-5). There's an additional white dash (-) per elytra.











South Africa

Biological treatment

These beetles may take a few bites from flowers, but they'll also help pollinate the plants they feed on too. They're food for insects, birds, rodents and reptiles.

Chemical treatment

No specific chemical control for this beetle.


Many fruits and flowers, including Protea.
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