Upcycle an old t-shirt into a hanging planter holder

Recycling a t-shirt into a funky hanging planter holder! Easy to make and cheap to produce.
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1. What do you need?

- Jersey fabric An old T shirt is perfect - Scissors - Measuring tape - Plant pot - Suitable plant, ours is an ornament chilli

2. Choosing the right material.

Some T-shirts are harder to cut than others, try to choose an easy-to-cut fabric, this will save you a lot of hassle.

3. Cutting the strips.

Cut across the T-shirt to make strips, cut around 12 strips around 5-8 cm in width.

4. Cutting the loop.

When you've got your strips, cut one end of the band across the stitching to make it into a long length of fabric.

5. Preparing the strips.

Stretch all of your strips individually and then lay them out in the pattern you want.

6. Tie a knot.

Gather all the strips and tie them all in a knot at one end, leave some room at the end.

7. Laying them out.

Space out your strips in the pattern you want, then place them in pairs, making sure to leave two either side at the end.

8. First row of knots.

Knot the pair of strips like you did to the top knot. Go around and do this to every pair, make the small knots around 10 cm away from the big knot. The Strips that you left either side, knot those two together too.

9. Knotting the second row.

Set the strips out separately again and pair each strip up with a strip next to it, Knot these new pairs together too. This should make a funky diamond shape. Make these around 5-8 cm away from the first row knots.

10. Knotting the third row.

Repeat the same process as the second row, make these 5-8 cm away from the second row of knots.

11. Adding the plant.

Place your plant on top of the first knot and pick up the other strips around it. Be careful because it won't sit by itself, at this point I asked for help to gather the strips without dropping the plant.

12. Tying the final knot.

Gather all the strips at the top around the plant and tie a final knot at the top to complete your hanging planter holder!

13. Finished product!

I'm very happy with the way that this turned out!
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