Repot a lemon tree

Lemon trees do great as container plants but generally speaking, one would need to repot them every few years. Roots growing out the bottom is a good sign that it is time to upgrade to a bigger pot. There is no trick to repotting a lemon tree. Follow these easy steps to see how.
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1. Choose your pot

There is no ideal size to a pot - it is, however, important to select a pot that is a bit wider and deeper than your previous pot. You need to give the roots a bit more space than before to grow.

2. Remove you tree from it's previous container

Carefully remove your tree from its previous container and gently loosen the roots that may have compacted along the edges and the bottom. This will stimulate new growth.

3. Mix your new potting soil

Combine a well trusted potting soil mix with some compost and a handful of bonemeal and mix it all together with some water to increase the moisture in the mix.

4. Place you tree in its new pot

Handle your tree with care and place it in the center of your new pot. Whilst holding the tree upright, fill the pot with your newly made potting soil mix all around the root ball. Use your hands to softly tamp the soil as you go along and make sure to leave about a 3cm gap between the soil surface and pot edge.

5. Water and mulch

Add a good layer of mulch to ensure water retention in the soil. Water your newly planted lemon tree well and continue to water regularly in the following week. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done!
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