Create a garden water feature

photo of finished water feature
The sound of cascading water can add a delightful ambience to an outdoor space and this is something that can be enjoyed in even the most compact of gardens. This article will show you how to create a small, simple water feature in a under an hour; and It is so straight forward that it’s a perfect fun activity to get the children involved in. If children are helping they can put their mark on it by collecting the stones, shells or other decorative items to add to your water feature.
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1. Preparation

photograph of items listed
- One terracotta plant pot - One bowl, dish, or different shaped plant pot - One small solar powered pump - Some stones, shell, glass beads, or any other decorative items

2. Bowl and Hole Filling

photograph of plant pot with hole filled in with sealant
The pump I am using measures approximately 8cm in height including spout attachments and creates a fountain of up to 20cm, it can be purchased online for around £10. If you are unable to find a suitable bowl for the main body of you water feature you can substitute this for a plant pot, but you will need to fill in the hole at the bottom. I did this using a wine cork and some ordinary household silicone sealant, just trim down the cork to measure and seal over and around it following the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent any leakages. If you are using a plant pot and sealant it will require time to dry before moving on to the next step.

3. The Pump

photograph of solar powered pump placed in bowl of water
Now place the pump in the bottom of the bowl and add enough water to cover the pump.

4. Assembly

photograph of smaller plant pot placed inside bowl of water, on top of pump, hiding it.
Place the plant pot upside-down in the bowl, ensuring the hole is centred over the spout of the pump.

5. Finishing Touches

photo of finished water feature
Place stones around the pot and turn the solar panel towards the sun. Here is your finished water feature. For those who are feeling more adventurous, there are many different variations you can create using this same basic principle; and if you wish to make a larger water feature you can simply use a larger pump with larger pots, you could even add water loving plants to create a beautiful water garden.
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