Filling tomato baskets

See how James Douglass creates his hanging baskets with Tomato plants.
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1. Soak Plants

watering a batch of tomato plants
Water the plants before you put them into baskets to ensure they are soaked through to the roots.

2. Check Placing

two tomato plants resting on top of a hanging basket
Check the placing of where you'd like your plants, making sure there's enough room remembering they will grow. 2 is a recommended amount.

3. Remove From Pot

a person cupping an unpotted tomato plant
Carefully remove the plant from its pot, being careful not to damage the roots.

4. Dig a Well

two hands digging into a pot of compost
Using either your hand or trowel, create a small well big enough for your plant to sit in.

5. Firming

two hands compacting compost in a pot
Make sure to firm the soil around the edges, making sure to leave no gaps.

6. Repeat

a hand digging a trench in a bowl of compost
Plant your second plant.

7. Top-Up

pouring compost into another bowl
Make sure to add soil to the top of your basket if needed.

8. Label

pens and labels scattered on a wooden table
Remember to label your plants to make it easier to identify what varieties you're growing and insert it into your basket.

9. Water

watering a potted tomato
Give the baskets a good soaking of water until it is draining out the bottom. You can always hang the basket up and then water if you feel like you will struggle to lift it.

10. Hang Your Basket

a tomato plant hanging from a greenhouse's ceiling
Carefully hang it to a secure structure, usually a bracket or hook.

11. Feed

a feed line from the greenhouse roof is dangling into the tomato plant's hanging basket
You can always add a feed to help with the establishment of your plants and encourage better growths. Remember to water your baskets regularly as they dry out quicker then soil in the ground.

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