Grow sweetpeas

Sweetpeas are a garden favourite to get the best from them you need to give them the best start possible.
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1. Seedlings

sweet pea seedlings ready to be re-potted
Sweetpeas are easy to sow and grow. They can be sown in a large pot to start them off. This saves space at a time when greenhouse room is at a premium.

2. remove seedlings from the pot

sweet pea root system
Gentle tease the seedlings out of the pot, taking care not to damage the roots.

3. Gently split in half

sweet pea seedlings being divided
Firstly split the whole pot of seedlings in half, by drawing your fingers through the roots.

4. Divide into small groups of seedlings

sweet pea seedlings ready for new pots
Gently divide the seedlings into small groups of four or five plantlets.

5. Start potting

plant pot ready for seedlings
Half fill a 9cm plant pot with a good quality potting compost. See our Discover article Where in the World

6. Make sure the plantlets are central

re-potting new seedlings
It is important to make sure that the plants are central to the top as this ensures even grown and strong plants.

7. Backfill and firm

filling in soil around new seedling
Ensure that the compost is all the way around the roots and that it is firmly pressed. Do not overfill your pot as the compost will wash off when the plants are being watered onto your greenhouse benches. This can cause contamination or provide a growing media for weeds to invade.

8. Ready to put onto the bench

re-potted seedlings
Check your plants at this stage to make sure that no damage has occurred while they have been potted.

9. Check root development

checking seedlings growth through pots
In about a weeks time check the plants root development, if it has reached the bottom of the pot then this is the perfect time to pinch out the top growth. This will encourage the plant t o produce side shoots and extra flowering stems.

10. Perfectly ready for pinching the tops out.

sweet pea seedlings ready for pinching out
Top growth and root development ready to pinch out the growing tips. Be brave its for the good of the plant.

11. Pinch tops out

pinching out sweet pea seedlings
For this task you can use your finger and thumb or a pair of snips,

12. The finished plant

a pinched out sweet pea seedling
It looks like you are being really hard on the plant- but it will thank you. Take the plant down to three or four groups of leaves.

13. Spot the difference

a  pinched out seedling compared to a full seedling
A before and after. This activity can be carried out a couple times before planting out your sweetpeas into their final position.
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