Make your cut flowers last longer

Hints and tips for keeping freshly cut flowers at home.
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1. Tip 1

Where to Start Select a clean vase and fill with room temperature water. It is very important that cut flowers are kept hydrated.

2. Tip 2

Add in the flower food supplied from shop brought beauties and mix well.

3. Tip 3

If your bouquet is from the garden you can use Cider Vinegar and sugar mix, 2 tablespoons of each and stir well Cider Vinegar and sugar. The vinegar has an antibacterial effect and the sugar acts as a feed.

4. Tip 4

Or add ¼ of a cup of soda water to the vase of water. It seems that cut flowers like the sweetness plus adding soda water to cut flowers has the added bonus of making the flowers release more of their scent.

5. Tip 5 Preparation is key

Cut the bottom of your flowers at an angle this provides a greater surface area for water absorption. After you have made the initial cut you will need to refresh the cut every few days.

6. Tip 5 continued- Preparation is key

Remove any blemished petals from your flowers and make sure you remove all the leaves that are going to be below the water level.

7. Location, location, location

Where to locate your flowers for optimum health and longevity Your flowers want a location that is just perfect, away from draughts from cooling vents or open windows, not placed in direct sunlight, or beside heat sources. It is just like Goldilocks and the Three Bears porridge. Not too hot and not too cold but just perfect.

8. Top Banana

Another tip is not to place your display by a fruit bowl as the ethylene gas the fruits release will speed up your flowers.
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