Carnations: take cuttings from a bunch of flowers

It's so simple to create carnation plants from a bunch of flowers; give it a go...
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1. Collect your materials

bunches of carnations and plant-pots
It is always a good idea to gather all your material and equipment together before you begin.

2. Tools required

an arrangement of the listed materials
Snips Carnation bouquet Pan pot Chopping board Round presser board 50/50 mix peat (or peat substitute) and perlite.

3. Check your available material

a bunch of carnations spread out
As you can see there is lots of material available from a small bouquet of carnations.

4. Cut above and below a node

11 sections of carnation stems laid out.
The nodal area is the part that the roots are going to shoot from. So make a clean cut below this area and above so leaves can be produced.

5. Sideshoots

one carnation stem laid out.
Sometimes you are luck and the plant has already started to produce side shoots, these are like mini plants and will grow very successfully.

6. Remove the sideshoot carefully

one side shoot detached from stem
Remove the side shoot carefully and remove the bottom leaves using your snips.

7. Insert your cuttings

cuttings being inserted into the compost.
Try and insert your cuttings around the edge of the pot this will encourage a good root system.

8. Aftercare

finished cuttings inserted into compost
Once you have filled the pot, you should water them well. This is best done in a watering tray. Stand in the water for 10 minutes and then transfer to a greenhouse or a windowsill.

9. Whats next?

the resulting growing carnation plants.
...When they have rooted and there are signs of growth, you can repot them into larger more spacious pots.

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