Grow a pineapple from its top!

Did you know that you can grow a new pineapple plant from its top? One to try next time you have a fresh pineapple in the fruit bowl.
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1. Eat your pineapple.

the top of a pineapple cut from the body
This is the most important part of this 'How to' make sure you eat your pineapple while the foliage is still fresh. If you let your pineapple become too ripe and your foliage become dehydrated it may not be able to successfully root.

2. Remove the excess leaves

pineapple leaves on a wooden table
Prepare your pineapple top by removing the excess leaves. Leave a small number of leaves at the top and a clean bottom.

3. Select your pot and growing media

pineapple leaves next to a bowl of compost
The pineapple won't like a heavy, wet compost. Select a peat-free compost and mix it with perlite 50/50 mix. Select a tall pot as you will need to insert the pineapple top in quite deeply.

4. Plant your top

pineapple leaves pushed into a bowl of compost
Push the pineapple top into the compost until it is firm. There should be a little gap between the green leaves and the surface of the compost. This hopefully will stop the leaves rotting. Stand the pot in a bowl of water for 10 mins so that the compost is thoroughly watered. Place in a warm windowsill out of direct light and wait and watch.

5. Magic happpens

a growing pineapple plant
6-8 weeks later your pineapple top should have rooted. 12-18 months later you will have a plant that will start to produce its own pineapples.

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