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Make seed bombs

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Seed bombs are little balls of clay, potting soil and flower seeds that can be launched into inaccessible places where they will break down and sow themselves after good rains. Making your own seed bombs is a fun and easy way to brighten up bare patches of earth and attract pollinators to urban areas and to your garden. Follow the easy steps below to make your own!
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1. Gather your gear

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Here’s what you’ll need: - A bowl - Potter’s clay powder, from any craft shop - Peat-free compost - Flower seed - Water - Egg carton

2. Choose your seeds

Different types of seed can be mixed together, just keep in mind that they can all be sown at the same time of the year. IMPORTANT | Ensure that you do not use weeds or invasive seeds in your seed bombs, rather opt for native plants and locally collected seed from endemic plant species. Seed bomb seed ideas: calendula, sunflowers, salvia, poppies, marigold, hollyhocks, salvia, nigella, thyme, parsley.

3. Mix the clay and compost

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Mix one part clay and three parts compost together. The clay binds the seed bomb and ensures it does not break as it hits the ground, while the compost provides essential nutrients for the seeds to germinate and grow strong.

4. Add seeds

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Flatten the clay and compost mixture and add the seeds to the centre. Carefully fold the seeds into the clay and compost mixture. Add some drops of water to ensure the mixture binds well, but not too much that it becomes sloppy.

5. Roll the mixture into a ball

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Roll the mixture between your hands to form truffle-sized balls.

6. Allow the mixture to dry

Lay the seedbombs out to bake dry on a sunny windowsill for at least three hours - an egg carton works perfectly. Once the seedbombs are completely dry, grab a few and head into your backyard and do some bombing!

7. Store your seedbombs

If the season is not quite right for catapulting your seedbomb into the yard, store them in a sealed container once completely dry.
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