Hanging basket of tumbling tomatoes

Planting a hanging basket of tomatoes guide by James Douglass and Sarah Davies.
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1. Preparation is key

Preparation for filling hanging baskets for tumbler tomatoes in greenhouse. Potting compost, cow manure, baskets & liners (50 cm diameter).

2. Selecting your basket

Ensure a clean basket, free from pests, diseases and bacteria. Check chains for wear and tear. Replace if necessary.

3. A special compost mix to

Add vermiculite (ratio 2:1 of compost to vermiculite'), a 5 ml spoonful of algae fertiliser meal, and half a 5 ml spoon of volcanic rock dust to a container of potting media (enough for one basket).

4. Add potash

Add half a 5 ml spoonful of potash. (encourages flowering and fruiting)

5. All the ingredients ready for mixing

It is important that if you are making your own compost that you mix all the ingredients in thoroughly.

6. Thoroughly mixed compost

Ready for use

7. Preparing the liner

With coco liners it is a good idea to attach them with cable ties so that they don't move around when filling with compost.

8. Tidy up the cable ties

Trim off the excess to keep your basket looking tidy.

9. Top tip

Add a spadeful or two of well-rotted cow manure to the bottom of each basket.

10. Top up with compost

Add your compost mix on top of the manure and evenly consolidate. Making sure that there aren't any air pockets.

11. Water well

It always take more water than you expect be patient. Watering helps the compost settle.

12. The next job

Leave soil to settle and warm up in the greenhouse, before planting tomatoes into each one See our planting guide.
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