National Treasure: The search for the Sancy Diamond

Sat 4th Apr + 2 more
A large stone building with Cliveden in the background

National Trust's Cliveden

Somewhere in Cliveden’s woodland there's a lost treasure waiting to be discovered. Band together to solve the clues and see if you can solve the case of the missing Sancy diamond. Back in 1946 during a lavish dinner party, the Sancy diamond from Nancy Astor’s bejewelled tiara was stolen. The criminals hid the stolen diamond in the woodlands and left instructions for an accomplice to collect it at a later date, but during their escape they dropped the clue sheet and so never returned to collect their plunder. Decades later, these instructions have been rediscovered and now it’s your turn to try crack the codes and find Nancy’s Sancy diamond.
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  • Group, Sancy Diamond Trail 2020
Please be aware the venue may charge additional entry fees.


  • Sat 4 Apr 2020
  • Sun 5 Apr 2020
  • Mon 6 Apr 2020