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The Herald

The Candide Herald delivers the latest in gardening news. Our Candide journalists are out and about, in shows and events, talking to growers and gardeners finding the newest trends and bringing you must read features from around the world.
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In the garden

Alan's Weekly Garden Tips - Week Six

Published on February 14th 2019

Choosing which potatoes to grow

Published on February 10th 2019

Urban gardening

What are epiphytes?

Published on January 10th 2019

Winter house plant care

Published on October 6th 2018

The thing about houseplants

Published on September 17th 2018

Young growers

Identifying trees in winter

Published on January 17th 2019

Winter Birdwatching With Kids

Published on November 17th 2018

Slow reads

Stratification and scarification

Published on January 29th 2019

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