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Orange Flowering Spring Plants

A photo of Barberry


Berberis x stenophylla

A photo of Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise

Strelitzia reginae

A photo of Butterfly Azalea

Butterfly Azalea

Rhododendron calendulaceum

A photo of Crown Imperial

Crown Imperial

Fritillaria imperialis

A photo of Darwin's Barberry

Darwin's Barberry

Berberis darwinii

A photo of Brown bells

Brown bells

Dipcadi spp.

A photo of Easter Broom

Easter Broom

Genista x spachiana

A photo of Goldfish Plant

Goldfish Plant

Nematanthus spp.

A photo of Bush Lily

Bush Lily

Clivia miniata

A photo of Primrose 'Marietta'

Primrose 'Marietta'

Primula 'F1 Marietta'

A photo of Buttercup


Ranunculus spp.

A photo of Siberian Wallflower

Siberian Wallflower

Erysimum x marshallii

A photo of Marmalade Bush

Marmalade Bush

Streptosolen spp.

A photo of Tulip 'Prinses Irene'

Tulip 'Prinses Irene'

Tulipa (3: Triumph Group) 'Prinses Irene'

A photo of Welsh Poppy

Welsh Poppy

Papaver cambricum